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Arctic Cyber Anthropology - http://home.worldonline.dk/~nbc/
Research project "Inuit in Cyberspace" by Neil Blair Christensen, Dept. of Eskimology, University of Copenhagen. It has a substantial amount of annotated and categorized links (400+) for the circumpolar Arctic.

Avataq Cultural Institute - http://www.avataq.qc.ca
Non-profit organisation created by the Inuit of Nunavik (Labrador peninsula) to protect and promote their traditional culture. The programmes include archaeology, oral history, place names, genealogy, etc. The site also present a sample of the Inuit art collection that was donated to the Institute by the Department of Indian Affairs and the North, Canada.

Cape Dorset Inuit Art and Inuit Cultural Perspectives - http://collections.ic.gc.ca/cape_dorset/index1.html
Links the graphic work of some of the famous artists from the community of Cape Dorset with the memories, myths and legends of elders from the community of Igloolik.

Inuit Art Foundation - http://www.inuitart.org/
A non-profit organization owned and controlled by Canadian Inuit (Eskimo) artists, by providing professional development opportunities for artists and promoting Inuit art worldwide. Contains information on the Inuit Art Quarterly magazine, the Inuit Artists' Shop in Ottawa and the Inuit Artists' College.

Inuit Business Directory - http://inuit.pail.ca/
A national directory maintained by the Pan Arctic Inuit Logistics Corporation, listing only Inuit-run businesses in Canada.

Inuit Tapirisat of Canada - http://www.tapirisat.ca/
Information about ITC's role in political, cultural and economic development of the Inuit of Canada. In-depth description of their history, culture, territory. Includes maps and visuals.

Inuktitut-The Language of the Inuit People - http://www.arctic.ca/LUS/Inuktitut.html
Maintained by the Leo Ussak Elementary School in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, Canada. Includes lessons on names of communities of Baffin Island and how to write in syllabics.

Inupiaq Studies Curriculum - http://www.alaskool.org/native_ed/curriculum/nwabsd1/nwabsd_inupiaq.html
Example of integration of Inuit issues in the school, in Alaska (Inupiaq: North Alaskan Inuit)

Inupiaq - Cultural Profile - http://www.nnlm.nlm.nih.gov/pnr/ethnomed/inupiaq.html
Information by The University of Washington about the traditional medicine of the North Alaskan Inuit or Inupiaq people.

Iupiaq Cultural Resources - http://www.ankn.uaf.edu/inupiaq.html
Information on the North Alaskan Inuit or Inupiaq people, maintained by the Alaska Native Knowledge Network (ANKN).

Kitikmeot Inuit Association - http://www.polarnet.ca/polarnet/kia.htm
An organization to defend, preserve and promote social, cultural and economic benefits to Inuit of the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut.

Native Broadcasting - http://www.cancom.ca/english/natives/
The story of native broadcasting in northern Canada, drawn from extensive interviews conducted by Elaine Shorty, during her Ross Charles Awards internship at Cancom.

North - Landscape of the Imagination - http://www.nlc-bnc.ca/north/norint-e.htm
A history of the Canadian North and its influences on the Arts of its residents and outsiders, from the pre-contact period up to the modern era. Compiled by the National Library of Canada, with extensive lists for suggested reading.

Nunacom Font Information - http://www.nunavut.com/technology/english/download.html
Nunacom is a 7-bit font designed for reading Inuktitut syllabic web pages for both Windows and Mac computers. Site has a keyboard layout and character combination chart for accurate placement of diacritics, and installation instructions for the TrueType font, which may be downloaded for free.

Nunavut Tunngavik - http://www.tunngavik.com/
Promoting the development of Inuit economic self-sufficiency and prosperity through responsible management of Inuit owned lands and resources, and through promotion of and support to Inuit business in Nunavut.

Place names in Inuktitut - http://www.geocities.com/Athens/9479/inuit.html
Original Inuit forms of places in Greenland (now official in Inuktitut) and Canada (in Nunavut and else), from the site GeoNative.

Qikiqtani Inuit Association - http://www.nunanet.com/~lands/
A non-profit organization, representing the Inuit of Baffin Island, Canada.

Satuumavik School - http://www3.sympatico.ca/satuumavik/
Serving the Inuit community in Kangiqsualujjuaq, in the Nunavik region of Northern Qubec. School projects and events, and a profile of community life created by the grades 4 and 5 classes.

School Tools - Inuit - http://www.gov.nt.ca/kids/school/p-inuit.htm
Information for school children about the Inuit people, provided by the Government of the Northwest Territories.

The Arctic String Figure Project - http://www.isfa.org/arctic.htm
A collection of well-illustrated detailed instructions on how to make string figures, based on original descriptions of traditional figures collected by researchers in the Arctic. Of particular interest is a series of 100 figures collected by Diamond Jenness, in 1924.

Tuktu and Nogak Project - http://aulak.polarnet.ca/tuktu/
A community-driven effort to collect and share Inuit ecological knowledge of caribou and calving areas in the Bathurst Inlet area of the Kitikmeot region, Nunavut, Canada. The site has a photo gallery, a report on the Elder-Youth Camp on the Hiuqqittaaq River, and a list of the interviewees.