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  • Affected by physical terrain and natural resources, distinct Native American cultures developed in different regions of North America. Coastal groups relied, primarily, on fishing for sustenance, while peoples in the interior depended on hunting for food. More established communities, particularly along the coasts, did engage in social and economic exchanges. Other groups, particularly in the extreme north, were more isolated and nomadic.

  • American Indian History Resources - Listings of and links to: General
    American Indian History Resources, New England Texts and Native Americans,
    Bibliographies, Texts and Reviews, Code Talkers, Oral Histories,
    19th-Century Native and Non-Native Commentary, The West: A PBS Documentary
    1996, Wounded Knee, The Battle of the Little Bighorn: Two Perspectives,
    Documents, Timelines, Maps, Tribal Histories and Statistics.

    First Nations Histories - Lee Sultzman, First Nations Historian has done a
    wonderful job, she is adding a large amount of information on each of the
    different tribes.

    HSU: Native American History - History is the most crucial part of
    understanding Native peoples. Therefore, I have tried to accumulate an
    extensive list of resources on this page.

    Index of Native American Archaeology Resources on the Internet -
    Participatory Opportunities, Conferences, Archaeology and Anthropology
    Resources, Southwest, Great Plains, Southeast & Mississippian, West
    Coast, Northeast, Canada & Alaska, Mexico, Central America & the
    Caribbean, South America, Rock Art.

    Index of Native American History Resources on the Internet - Links to
    resources on Oral History, Written History, Northeast, Southeast, Midwest
    including Northern Plains, Southwest, Great Basin and California, Northwest,
    Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Timelines, Photographs & Photographic Archives

    Native American Resources at the Smithsonian - The Smithsonian Institution,
    the world's largest museum, research and education complex, is committed to
    offering opportunities to study and learn about the cultures, arts and
    history of Native Americans from its unparalleled resources. Extensive
    collections of objects, photographs, films and archival material, as well as
    fellowships, internships and seminars, are among the possibilities available
    to those who want to learn about and help preserve native culture.

    Smithsonian: Native American History and Culture - Selected links to sites
    hosted by Smithsonian Institution museums and organizations. Native American
    Resources, Selected Exhibitions, Recommended Reading.

    Stereotypes of Native Americans - We are so used to seeing the Land o'Lakes
    Indian maiden, the various school mascots, mascots of professional sports
    teams, etc. that we forget what effect these images have on the ideas we
    have of the people they represent, or on the personal image of the children
    of these people as they must learn to live in this society. The portrait on
    the Indian Head nickel was largely responsible for the fact that Indians
    could not get jobs in Hollywood to play Indian parts. They did not look
    Indian enough!

    The National Portrait Gallery: Native Americans - Tenskwatawa, Ute
    Treaty-making Delegation of 1868, Geronimo (Goyathlay), Chief Joseph, Billy
    Bowlegs (Holata Micco, Black Hawk (Makataimeshekiakiak), Little Crow
    (Tahetan Wakawa Mini), Osceola, Peter Pitchlynn, Lewis Bennett (Deerfoot),
    Sitting Bull (Tatanka Yotanka), Chief Thundercloud.

    The Native American History Archive - A New Center for Native American
    Studies in Internetworked Classrooms.

    American Indian Issue Resources - Listing of and links to: General American
    Indian Issue Resources, Native American Law, Gaming, Cultural Protection,
    Environmental Issues, Multi-Racial Issues, Wannabe Issues.

    Index of Native American Resources on the Internet - Links to resources on
    Culture, History, Education, Language, Health, Indigenous Knowledge, Native
    American Art, Artists, Galleries, Art Related Sites, Museums, Archaeology,
    Electronic Texts, Genealogy, Legal, Books, Non-Profits, Government, Music,
    Nations, Other, Video & Film, Commercial, Jobs, Announcements,
    Organizations, Activist Sites, Gaming, Home Pages, Bibliographies and Other
    Indices, Media, Movie Stars, WWW Virtual Libraries.

    Index of Other Native American Resources on the Internet - Clip Art for Use
    on Websites, Christian Sites with Native American Concerns, More Specialized
    Information Sources, Webboards for Discussion, UseNet News Groups and List
    Archives, Non-Native pages relevant to Native concerns (not-otherwise

    Judy's Native American links - Native American links of general interest
    and Women's Issues.

    Links to American Indian Sites by Phil Konstantin - In an effort to make
    these links easier to find, I have sorted them into 16 groups. Reference:
    Tribal: Smaller: Art: General: Personal: Rings: Language: Media: Map:
    Genealogy: History: Powwow: Misc.: Biography: Information: Commercial:

    National Native Information Center - Links to Native Organizations across
    the country.

    Native American Directory - Links to Native American web sites.

    Native American HIV/AIDS, Health & Health Policy, Media, and General Links -
    Native American AIDS Links, Native Health & Health Policy Links, Native
    Media Links, General Native Links.

    Native American Indian Resources - 300+ web pages of Native American
    resource materials, original publications and organized links.
    Reservation/Indian country maps; original Native literature, Native art.K-12
    Native schools contacts page.

    Native American Information Links - Web sites that offer native american

    Native American Links - Minority Links, General Links, Scholarships, Law
    Programs & Links, Colleges & Educational Links, Organizations,
    Environment, Native American Studies, Health, Periodicals and Media.

    Native American links: Your Body - Food and Herbal Remedies, Gardens
    Gardens, Medicine, Substance Abuse.

    Native American Sites - General Indian Oriented Home Pages - Lots of links
    to General Indian Oriented Home Pages.

    Native American Web Sites - General

    Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples Links - Links to resources on Native
    Americans and Indigenous Peoples.

    NativeWeb - Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the world.

    Other Native American resources - Tribal sites (official and unofficial),
    Other sites featuring specific tribes, General resources sites, News,
    Literature, Music, Foods, Native American genealogy, Internet Web searches.

    The Indigenous Circle - Very comprehensive listing of Native American sites.

    The Native American Education Ring - This webring is dedicated to educate
    people about the Native American Culture as well as provide a center of
    information and resources.