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Delaware English name given several closely related Native American groups of the Algonquian branch of the Algonquian-Wakashan linguistic stock. In the 17th cent., they lived in what is now New Jersey, Delaware, E Pennsylvania, and SE New York. They called themselves the Lenni-Lenape or the Lenape and were given the name Delaware by the settlers because they lived in the vicinity of the Delaware River. The Delaware evolved into a loose confederacy of three major divisions: the Munsee (wolf), the Unalachtigo (turkey), and the Unami (turtle). They occupied the territory from which most of the Algonquian tribes had originated and were accorded the respectful title of grandfather by these tribes. They traded with the Dutch early in the 17th cent., sold much of their land, and began moving inland to the Susquehanna valley. In 1682 they made a treaty of friendship with William Penn, which he did his best to honor. In 1720 the Delaware fell victim to Iroquois attack and were forced to move into what is now Ohio. The western Delaware sided with the French in the last of the French and Indian Wars, took part in Pontiac's Rebellion, and sided with the British in the American Revolution. Some of the Delaware in Pennsylvania had been converted to Christianity by the Moravians. In 1782 a settlement of these peaceful Christian Native Americans at Gnadenhutten were massacred by a force of white men. Anthony Wayne defeated and subdued the Delaware in 1794, and by the Treaty of Greenville (1795) they and their allies ceded their lands in Pennsylvania and Ohio to the white men. They crossed the Mississippi River and migrated to Kansas and then to Texas. They were later moved to the Indian Territory and settled with the Cherokee. A remarkable history of the Delaware, in the form of pictographs, was located by the French scholar Constantine Samuel Rafinesque in 1836. Known as the Walum Olum, it depicted Delaware migrations and changes; its claim to antiquity, however, is somewhat doubtful. See D. G. Brinton, The Lenp and Their Legends (1884, repr. 1969); M. R. Harrington, Religion and Ceremonies of the Lenape (1921); F. G. Speck, A Study of the Delaware Indian Big House Ceremony (1931) and Oklahoma Delaware Ceremonies, Feasts, and Dances (1937), C. A. Weslager, The Delaware Indians (1972).

Delaware [Lenape] Tribe of Indians: Homepage
Some of the information available deals with men's and women's traditional
clothing, a game called football, (which bears little resemblance to the
modern game we know), and music and dance.

Delaware First Nation
Get some good information about education in this First Nation's community
in Ontario, Canada.

Warriors for the Union
"Of a total of 201 eligible Delaware males between the ages of 18 and 45,
170 volunteered for Civil War service on the side of the Union in 1862."
Learn about their contributions to the Union effort and the pre-war history
of this tribe's relationship with the U.S. government.

Delaware (Lenape) Tribe of Indians  - http://www.delawaretribeofindians.nsn.us/
Official home of the Lenape people. Site includes FAQs, social dances, history, clothing, and humor.

Delaware Indian Tribe of Western Oklahoma  - http://www.westerndelaware.nsn.us/
Official site of this Indian nation features a history timeline, links, and current events.

Delaware Indians  - http://www.delawareindians.com
Information and links related to the Delawares in northeastern America.

Lenape Nation on the Web  - http://lenapenation.org
Website features history, culture, tribal information and links.

Lenni Lenape Historical Society  - http://www.lenape.org/
Offers information on the Lenni Lenape people, history and culture. Also site of Museum of Native American Culture.

LenniLenape and Cherokee  - http://www0.delphi.com/lennilenape
A few Cherokee and Lenape links.

New Jersey Forgotten People  - http://www.net-gate.com/~shadow
Information on the Piney Lenape Band, the remainder of the Lenape People that never left New Jersey.

Thunder Mountain Lenap Nation  - http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Forum/4438/
Unrecognized tribal association of Lenape people in Pennsylvania and Delaware, whose ancestors avoided removal to Oklahoma. Includes information on culture, spirituality, food, the Walam Olum, and more.

Lenape-Delaware Language Programs  - http://www.native-americans.org/languages/language-lenape-delaware.htm
Lenape language learning materials for sale.

Standing Bear's Language Page  - http://www.jersey.net/~standingbear/language.htm
Lenape words with audio clips, and some information about the Lenape attempts to preserve their language.

The Lenape Language  - http://www.web-savvy.com/river/Schuylkill/new_lenape.html
Brief overview of Lenape, with pronunciation guide, phrasebook, and some place names.