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Catawba Native North Americans whose language belongs to the Siouan branch of the Hokan-Siouan linguistic stock. They occupied a region in South Carolina. A large and powerful group, they waged incessant but unsuccessful war against the Cherokee and the Native Americans of the Ohio River valley, sending war parties to great distances. Fighting and epidemics of smallpox reduced them to a small group in the 18th cent. Until 1962 the Catawba lived on a small reservation in South Carolina; at that time they terminated their relationship with the federal government and distributed the tribal estate among the remaining members. See D. S. Brown, The Catawba Indians (1966); C. M. Hudson, The Catawba Nation (1970).

Catawba Cultural Preservation Project  - http://www.ccppcrafts.com/
Native crafts store with online ordering form, archeology classes and volunteer opportunites, and links.

Catawba Indians of South Carolina  - http://wawa.essortment.com/catawbaindiann_rjog.htm
Short article reprinted from PageWise.com.

Catawba: People of the River  - http://members.tripod.com/catawba-people/
Language, pottery, tribal documents and letters, some downloadable in .pdf format. Heavily framed, audio files, pop-up windows. Photos and links

Catawba Language Deparment  - http://www.ccppcrafts.com/language/index.html
From the Catawba Cultural Preservation Project, Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA. Linguists' profiles, current projects and events.

History of The Catawba River Corridor  - http://www.yorktech.com/science/water/info.htm
Data and information on the subject.

South Carolina Court Order  - http://members.tripod.com/catawba-people/SCorder.htm
A copy of the court document stating the order issued by Federal Judge Joseph Anderson for the Tribe to set a date for a General Counsel meeting in the case of Wade et. al. v. Blue et. al.

The Catawba People  - http://members.tripod.com/catawba-people/
Personal page on the subject from a New Mexico point of view with links to local issues.

USGS GNIS Feature Details  - http://mapping.usgs.gov:8888/gnis/owa/GetDetailForm?Tab=y&ID=1233634
Site provides basic data and links to maps of the area.