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Arawak A linguistic stock of indigenous people who came from South America and, at the time of the Spanish Conquest, occupied the islands of the Greater Antilles, the Bahamas, Trinidad, and other areas of Amazonia. Before the arrival of the Spanish they were driven from the Lesser Antilles by the Carib. Most of the Arawak of the Antilles died out after the Spanish conquest. In South America, Arawakan-speaking groups are widespread, from SW Brazil to Colombia and Venezuela, representing a wide range of cultures. They are found mostly in the tropical forest areas N of the Amazon. As with all Amazonian native peoples, contact with white settlement has led to culture change and depopulation among these groups.

Baramaya Taino  - http://baramaya-taino.com/
Baramaya describes itself as a Taino "yukayeke" (or village) composed of a number of families, interested in promoting the heritage of the Tainos of Puerto Rico (Boriken).

Biaraku--First People of a Sacred Place  - http://members.aol.com/STaino
A wide range of essays, photo galleries, art work, poems, and discussion items with a focus on the Tainos of Puerto Rico (Boriken).

Bobby Gonzalez  - http://www.bobbygonzalez.com/
This is the personal page for a self-described Native American/Latino lecturer, storyteller, and poet of Taino descent.

Caribbean Indigenous Arts  - http://www.presenciataina.org
An Indigenous arts collaborative featuring crafts, music, and dance documented by Roger Atihiuabancex and the United Confederation of Taino People.

Caribbean Indigenous People: Tainos and Caribs  - http://www.kwabs.com/body_tainos_caribs.html
This is an article outlining, in broad terms, the early colonial situation of Caribbean natives.

Ciboney Tribe  - http://www.ciboneytribe.org/index.html
Based in Florida, and led by Jorge Luis Salt, this site offers information on the history, culture, organization, and services offered by the Ciboney tribe.

Coqui's Village  - http://www.indio.net/
A collection of Taino sites dedicated to promoting Taino cultural education as well as the sale of images of Boriken and Taino daily life, and the sale of various arts and crafts.

Criollos: The Birth of a Dynamic New Indo - Afro - European People and Culture on Hispaniola.  - http://www.kacike.org/LynneGuitar.html
A journal article by Lynne Guitar that includes detailed discussion of the Taino history of the island of Hispaniola.

Ku Karey Spiritual Circle, Inc.  - http://www.kukarey.com/
Ku Karey Spiritual Circle, Inc. focuses on giving all people the opportunity to gather in what it calls a spiritual Native and Taino manner to discuss topics of interest that encourage spiritual growth.

Les indiens tainos  - http://perso.wanadoo.fr/baracoa.cuba/page5/indiens.htm
This French-language site presents a concise introduction to the indigenous people of Cuba, including notes on social organization, arts, and agriculture.

Maisiti's Yukayeke Taino Tribe Homepage  - http://www.indio.net/maisiti/
A Taino tribal organization that self-described as a collection of families that have come together to learn the ways of their ancestors.

Presencia Taina Home Page  - http://www.presenciataina.net/
Presencia Taina was established in 1996 as an arts and crafts collaborative workshop program to promote and preserve Caribbean indigenous cultural arts via supplementary and alternative educational arts programs.

Taino Anecestral Legacy Keepers Inc.  - http://www.indio.net/talk/index.html
A non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting public awareness, and the preservation of Taino historical sites and sacred ceremonial grounds; also included is information on Taino ancestry and genealogical record keeping.

Taino Arts Presentations by Melanio Gonzalez  - http://www.conexus.si.edu/gonzalez_m/?pos=99999
The National Museum of the American Indian sponsored this episode of its "Talking Circles" series which featured the Taino arts and crafts of Melanio Gonzalez, and presented in a slide-show fashion on this website.

Taino Indians  - http://www.angelfire.com/ct/taino/index.html
Information on the history, culture and survival of the Taino ethnic group.

Taino Resources at the Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink  - http://www.centrelink.org/Taino.html
A directory of online resources on the Tainos of the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico and amongst immigrant communities in the United States.

Taino Timucua Tribal Council, Tampa, Florida  - http://www.hartford-hwp.com/Timucua/index.html
This page provides an ethnohistoric overview of the Timucua of Florida and their Taino relations.

Taino Zemis  - http://www.rose-hulman.edu/~delacova/taino/zemis.htm
Pictures of a sample of Taino zemis (or cemis) are the main subject of this page.

Taino.net (Spanish)  - http://www.taino.net/taino.htm
Information on the Taino 'roots' of Puerto Rico, featuring four museum and commemorative sites in Puerto Rico.

Tanos of Puerto Rico, a cultural site  - http://www.elboricua.com/history.html
A cultural history of the Tanos of Borikn including traditions, folklore, cooking, agriculture, clothing, artifacts, and physical description.

The Aymaco Taino Tribe  - http://www.indio.net/aymaco/index.html
The official website of the Native American Taino Turabo Aymaco Tribe of Puerto Rico.

The Contemporary Taino Revival  - http://www.centrelink.org/Papers.html
A selection of articles published in Issues in Caribbean Amerindian Studies, and authored by the journalist, Richard Kearns, and Valerie Nanaturey Vargas.

The Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Nation Home Page  - http://www.taino-tribe.org/jatiboni.html
This is the "official tribal Government web site of the Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Nation of Boriken" (Puerto Rico), featuring a wide range of pages on Taino culture and history, essays, photographs, links, and organizational information.

The Taino Pride Page  - http://www.anacaona.net/
Emerging from a background in the Dominican Republic, this Taino presents resources such as a Taino vocabulary, local legends, notes on the cassava culture, medicinal knowledge and a bibliography.

The Taino Survival  - http://latinoculture.about.com/culture/latinoculture/library/weekly/aa100900a.htm
Challenging the argument that the Taino Indians of the Caribbean are extinct, the site's author argues that they have always been present.

The Taino World  - http://www.elmuseo.org/taino/tainoworld.html
As the Museo del Barrio's Internet complement to its exhibitions and publications on Pre-Columbian Taino culture, this site offers various pages of ethnohistorical decsriptions as well as pages on the Taino legacy.

The Tekesta Indians of South Florida  - http://www.hartford-hwp.com/Tekesta/index.html
The Tekesta Indians lived in what is now Dade and Broward Counties, southeast Florida, and had a capital town, probably also called Tekesta, in Miami. Today the Tekesta Taino society is reorganized under the Tekesta Taino Tribal Band of Bimini Florida and is organized and based in the area of Miami and West Palm Beach Florida.

United Confederation of Taino People  - http://www.indigenouspeople.org/natlit/uctp/
The UCTP is an umbrella group covering a number of Taino organizations. The website features a regular newsletter, documentary data, and historical information.

World History Archives: Indigenous Peoples of Boriken  - http://www.hartford-hwp.com/archives/41/index-fc.html
A retrospective and contemporary history of the Tanos of Borikn, and the history of Caribbean peoples of Amazonian origin in general.

El Diccionario del Lenguaje Taino  - http://members.dandy.net/~orocobix/tsdict.html
Taino (Arawakan) - Spanish.

The Complete Taino Dictionary  - http://www.taino-tribe.org/terms1.htm
This is the dictionary of the Taino People of the Caribbean. It has an English Introduction and is written mainly in Spanish and Taino.

The Dictionary of the Taino Language  - http://members.dandy.net/~orocobix/tedict.html
Taino (Arawakan) - English.