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Alaska Natives
Alaska Natives

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The population rose by more than 50,000 persons (153%) between 1950 and 1990 and numbered 85,698 in 1990. The census reported that more than half of all Alaska Natives were Eskimos, about 36% were American Indians, and about 12% were Aleuts. The two main Eskimo groups, Inupiat and Yupik, are distinguished by their language and geography. The former live in the north and northwest parts of Alaska and speak Inupiaq, while the latter live in the south and southwest and speak Yupik.

The American Indian tribes are the Alaskan Athabaskan (11,696) in the central part of the State and the Tlingit (9,448), Tsimshian (1,653) and the Haida (1,083) in the southeast. The Aleuts (10,052) live mainly in the Aleutian Islands.

The median age of Alaska Natives was 24 years, compared with 29 years for the total State Population and 33 years for the entire United States. About 44% were under 20 years old and seven percent were 60 years old and over. Education

Although Alaska Natives have made great strides in education during this century, they remain less likely to have high school diplomas and bachelor's degrees or higher than other Alaskans.

Sixty-three percent, 25 years old and over, had completed high school or higher compared with 87% statewide. Four percent were college graduates with a bachelor's degree or higher, while the statewide total was 23%. Female Householder Families

Alaska Natives had proportionately fewer married-couple families and more families with a female householder and no husband present than the State as a whole. Only 58% of Alaska's 16,432 Native families consisted of a husband and wife compared with 80% of all families in Alaska. The Aleuts had the largest percentage of married-couple families among Alaska Natives.

The proportion of families with a female householder and no husband present was twice as high among Alaska Natives as Alaska's total population.

Thirty-one percent of American Indian families, 28% of Eskimo families, and 26% of Aleut families were maintained by female householders with no husband present compared with 14% of all Alaska's families. Alaska Inter-Tribal Council Alaska Native Heritage Center Alaska Native Fish and Wildlife Alaska Native Knowledge Network Alaska Native Regional Corporations Map University of Alaska-Anchorage Alaska Village Websites Chicaloon Village Koyukuk Mat-Su Native Community Tlingit Haida Tanacross Tok