Foreign Finds

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F15A in Crete This F15 was photographed in October 1997 at Psichro on the island of Crete. Note the cargo body. What can't be seen here are the dual wheels and diesel engine conversion. 'Ford' script is visible below the headlights. This vehicle can be seen from the road encircling the Lassithi Plain, which is a popular tourist attraction. (photo by Hanno Spoelstra)

A Field of 13-cab Gun Tractors A herd of Chev Gun Tractors grazing under the trees in a yard in Portugal. Eric Delcommenne of Belgium found these in his search for a crew compartment body for his own FAT (see the Restorations section for further info on his truck). Unfortunately, the present owner of this herd wants premium dollars for one and all; we are presently trying to find more information on these. Eric is STILL looking for a body.

13-cab Gun Tractors Another view of the same. There are ten in total. All are well-used but relatively complete. I don't know about the interiors, though, or whether any still run. Anyone want a gun tractor?

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