Miscellaneous Wrecks

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CMP Water Tank A unique C15A 200 gallon fresh water tank, intact and ready for mounting on a suitable chassis. It can be found in ... in the northern hemisphere! Yeah, that's it...

An Original Invasion Star One of the few. This battered C60S shows the ghostly outline of its original, crooked invasion star and its original WD number. This truck was one of the very few which was returned to Canada after the war. Most were left overseas. Weather has eaten this truck beyond repair, but it serves as a first-hand example of the size and position of invasion markings. Also, on its roof is the original star and white circle. A true veteran.

Unusual carrier The reason this carrier relic is here rather than in the Carrier Wrecks section is because of what's been painted on it. Obviously, there is no armour at all left, and very little else besides, but at one time, this vehicle was property of the CITY OF TORONTODEPARTMENT OF PARKS AND RECREATION. It actually says so right on the front, on what's left of the aquamarine paint. Sheesh.

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