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HUP This 1944 or 45 Heavy Utility Personnel is reported to be in very good restoreable condition, and is thought to be run-able with very little work. The photographer in this case is currently negotiating with its owner...

12-cab Gun Tractor This 1941 Chev Gun Tractor is just awaiting the finishing touches... sorry, wrong script.

Actually, this very vehicle may well see the road once again. As bad as it looks, there's enough here to make a go of it. Its owner has a complete cab front, a new engine and a lot of interior bits and pieces. What will be needed is to reconstruct the cab body.

A nice, LONG-TERM project. We'll keep you posted.

Ford F15A A quarter of a 1943 Ford 15cwt 4 X 4. This shell and the truck behind it (which also appears below) were seen at an undisclosed location in the Niagara peninsula a year and a half ago. 

Ford F15A The other Niagara Ford. It seems weather has gotten the best out of these two, but it would be interesting to see them close-up if indeed they still exist. This truck appears to have at least remnants of the original tool box behind the cab. The after running boards and rear fenders are obviously a civilian modification.

C15A 12-cab A nice 11-cab Chev, at least partially complete.

13-cab Gun Tractor A 13-cab Ford Gun Tractor, missing, it seems, (as usual) the crew compartment body. 

C15A 13-cab An early 13-cab Chev C15A.

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