Early CMPs

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Early C8 Mike Kelly in Australia passed the following three pics to me as fine examples of Chev 8 cwt trucks. The 8 cwt series was basically a 4 X 2,  1/2 ton pickup for general duty on good roads. Gregg lists production at 9,837 vehicles, many of which went to North Africa, England and Australia. This particular example belongs to Nick Bullock in the U.K., and appears to be fitted as a wireless vehicle.

C8 Down Under This vehicle is Mike's own 11-cab C8. He writes that he knows of approximately 10 C8s in Oz, all of which (except his) are fitted with the British 8 cwt type body with wooden floor. He himself built a Canadian-type steel body to go with the 11-cab. These trucks are fitted with 9.00 X 13 tyres, which, surprisingly, can still be had, in Australia at least.

Another Aussie C8 This photo shows Mike himself (in 1978, he hastens to add) having a peek inside another C8, this one belonging to one Barry Ryan. It was an ex-bush fire brigade truck, and sports the British-type box mentioned earlier. 

C8 Another example, this one in southern Ontario. This one is unique in that it contains a twin-Bren LMG mount, handcrafted from drawings. In the 8 cwt trucks, there is marked contrast between the huge, sweeping fenders and the comparatively puny tyres! But they're cute...

Morris Commercial And where did CMPs emanate from in the first place? From vehicles like this, a mint restored British 1940 Morris Commercial. When the Brits came to us looking for help from our vehicle industry, they (wisely) didn't bring plans, but basic specifications. The similarities between this and our pilot models are startling.

Morris Commercial Another view of the Morris. Note the basic layout is very similar to even the 11-cab CMP series.

Prototype CMP Compare the above to this pic of the very first prototype Ford 15 cwt. In an unprecedented display of concern for the common good, engineering teams from General Motors and Ford worked together to develop the CMP concept. They did well.

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