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12-cab 15cwt Ford An early Ford 15cwt 4X4 with the second pattern (No.12) cab and 2B1 box.

The 15 cwt class of vehicle was the most common of the lighter trucks, coming into British service in the early 1930s. With a relatively low profile and an approximate 1 ton payload, these vehicles were common to every arm and level of the military. Early trucks such as these were not fitted for spare wheels/tyres, as they were equipped with runflat tyres. Later in the war when rubber became a critical commodity, standard tubed pneumatic tyres were substituted, and provision made for spares. This example sports 9.00 X 16 U.S. NDCC tyres as the originals are now impossible to come by.

13-cab Chev 15cwt 1944 A 1944 Chev C15A with third pattern (No.13) cab and original canvas. With a 101-inch wheelbase, these vehicles were quite agile and were used by front-line units for resupply and general admin.

The crooked invasion star painted on the door is representative of the unruly Canadians' unwillingness to adopt wholesale a common U.S. symbol.

1944 Chev C15A Another view of the same vehicle. Note the U.S. NDCC tyres and the round roof hatch. The latter was adopted in 1944 production; unlike the earlier square hatches, this one was sealed by a piece of canvas.

C15A Rear View A rear view, showing tailgate and canvas. The enthusiast will note that the plastic windows on this tarp have been covered over; the tarp itself is stamped and dated 1943. It was found covering a crate of machinery in a company lot and bought for $15.00 CDN! Note the various concessions to legality.

C15A Left Front Quarter Front Quarter view. The bridge class sign and blackout light are of original configuration, and the mirrors are NOS. Powered by the standard 216ci Chev straight-six OHV engine, the maximum speed for this wee beastie is only 40mph+ due to extreme final gearing.

C15A Box & Spare Tyre carrier A good shot of the 2C1 box and spare tyre carrier. If anyone knows of any of these carriers, please tell us!

Ford F15A with 20mm Polsten Cannon A 1943 Ford F15A equipped with a Polsten 20mm cannon. This particular vehicle was found in a hedge in Great Britain, and was nine years in restoration. Last summer it took all sorts of awards at Beltring. Truly unique! Congratulations to Dave Ballard of Southampton, England for his perseverance.

20mm Polsten being winched up A view of the Polsten unit being winched onto the bed of the truck. The cannon could be deployed as left, or fired from the vehicle, as above.

Early F15A Instrument Panel The early instrument panel of the Polsten Ford. This modified commercial panel was replaced in 1944 production with a series of standard U.S. round instruments.

1943 Chev C15A Instrument Panel Another early panel, this time of a '43 Chev C15A. This vehicle was bought by Jim Burrill of Pennsylvania in 1998, and is presently undergoing final restoration. Look for more coverage on this vehicle shortly!

Note that in this shot, the engine cover is off.

C15A Wireless Van A late-war Chev C15A Wireless Van. This vehicle would typically be used at regimental and brigade level, equipped with an amplified 19-set and two gasoline-driven chorehorses as well as advanced antenna gear. 

12-cab Water Truck A fully-restored 12-cab Chev Water Truck photographed recently in Southern Ontario. This particular example spent 30 years under cover at a volunteer fire department and is probably the best surviving example in existence.

12-cab Water Truck Left rear view of same. Note the unique running board/fender arrangement, as well as the stowage and roof bows. The 200-imperial gallon tank is baffled inside to prevent surge. Standard equipment includes power take-off pump, emergency hand pumps, filter unit, suction hose and water testing equipment.

12-cab Water Truck Right rear. Aside from the reflectors, the only integral part of the truck not entirely original are the water taps themselves. Anyone know of a commercial application which includes 'L'-shaped handles as opposed to the common 'T'-shaped handles? All in all, a unique vehicle!

C15A Awaiting Restoration Another warrior awaits restoration somewhere in Western Canada...

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