Maple Leaf Up Acknowledges
... I wish to convey our thanks to the one-thousand-and-one private individuals, collectors, enthusiasts, amateur historians, and yes, even WW2 veterans, who have all taken the time over the last year to offer their support, constructive criticism and assistance in the realization of the MAPLE LEAF UP project. Without you all, this would be nothing more than a simplistic exercise of one man's passion for an otherwise little-known aspect of Canada's history. MLU belongs to each and every one of you, and it is our earnest hope that you will continue to lend your support to this most humble endeavour. Thank you all.
And thank YOU, all of you who served with the Canadian Army Overseas, and remain committed to remembrance. This site is the least we can do to perpetuate the memory of what you accomplished, and of what that accomplishment cost you and those of your generation. It is our humble acknowledgement of your struggle as Canadians and as human beings. Your endeavours shall not be forgotten.

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This site is dedicated to my father, Arthur W. Winnington-Ball, RCAF '44-'46 (1925-1998). He was the kindest man I've ever met, and he would have enjoyed all of this. It was his own fascination with history which got me started down this road so long ago, and I miss the old guy.

In Memoriam...

"Driver, ADVANCE!"

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