About Maple Leaf Up
What is 'MAPLE LEAF UP'?
MAPLE LEAF UP is a private Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to perpetuating the memory of the all-volunteer Canadian Army Overseas in World War II.
We represent that generation of young Canadians who voluntarily risked their lives in Overseas Service in this tumultuous war, now all but forgotten. Many served, although not nearly enough; and too many paid the ultimate price for their honour.  In doing so, however, their courage forever cast Canada as a nation willing to endure any hardship to ensure that the cancer of fascism shall not plague this fragile world of ours.
We remember these men, by the things they did and by the tools they employed to win their remarkable record. Through our efforts in preserving the vehicles, weapons and equipment of this historic era, we endeavour to perpetuate the memory of this trying time and of these magnificent men, who volunteered to serve their country at a cost inconceivable to Canadians facing the dawn of the twenty-first century.
How do we do this?
MAPLE LEAF UP, born of the muddy track which led to the Canadian Front in Northwest Europe, today also represents a whole new generation of collectors, enthusiasts and historians whose prime interest is this unique period of history. Through this website and other avenues, we endeavour to provide focus and direction to this interest, such that recognizing the accomplishments of the veterans themselves remains the primary objective.
Thus, our Primary Mandate is education. While this website is alone a significant  resource by which enthusiasts and members of the general public alike can expand their knowledge of this period, MLU also strives to promote learning through the sponsorship of and participation in educational shows and displays.
In addition, we work actively with other individuals, groups and organizations to ensure that the Canadian record is preserved with honour, and that our veterans themselves are treated accordingly.
Finally, our ultimate objective is the establishment of a privately-funded, publicly accessible Canadian Army Overseas Learning Centre, dedicated to preserving in perpetuity a substantive record of this era of our history.
Who are we?
MAPLE LEAF UP has come together through the tireless efforts of individuals across Canada and around the world. Our current contact info is as follows; please feel free to direct your comments, questions and observations accordingly. We thank you for your support!
1558 Queen Street East
Floor 2
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M4L 1E8
"Driver, ADVANCE!"

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