Patriotic Pins and Things


from an Austrian Magazine

a full page ad of lapel pins, rings, cuff-links, tie-clips etc.
see the following pages for close-ups


a favorite motif : German and Austrian emperors side by side


It was hardly uncommon for people on the home front to want to display their support for the war. Wearing patriotic jewelry, rings, cuff-links, lapel pins, tie-clips or watches was a very simple manner of do so. Manufactuors were quick to put all such kinds of cheap and expensive merchandize on the market. These items might be sold by street vendors or in places of business or in small shops and kiosks. They usually needed little advertising to sell, but from time to time advertisements can be found. The following illustrations all come from early war-time issues of an Austrian newsmagazine called 'das Intressante Blatt'.



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