the Siege of Antwerp
as seen by
'Die Woche - Kriegsalbum'


from a Special War-Time Edition

coverpage of a special edition of war photos published by 'die Woche'


'Die Woche' a weekly German news and family magazine, regularly published 'Sonderhefte' (Special Editions) on all manner of subjects, be it on garden and summer houses, popular music or city tourism. During the war years, keeping in tread with popular support for the Kaiser's soldiers, 'die Woche' published several special war-photos special editions. They contained a summarized account of war events on a daily basis along with extensive photo galleries of military leaders, war events in Belgium, in France and on the Eastern Front and a large number of war maps.

These special editions generally contained different material than was to be found in the weekly editions of 'die Woche'. The photos were printed in sepia tone on quality paper stock and give a very fine appearance.

Here are several pages taken from the first and second special 'Kriegsalbum' dealing with events during the siege and fall of Antwerp in 1914.

*see also pages from 'Kriegsalbum - die Woche' on the siege of Przemysl


left : the Belgian army in the field in August-September 1914
right : wrecks of 'wild-trains' sent into German lines - a bridge of boats at Antwerp
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