a French artist with an English name
Georges Scott
1873 - 1943

the Great War Art of Georges Scott: Myth & Heroic Realism

French troops assault the village of Vermelles (1914)


Georges Scott (a French citizen in spite of the English-sounding name) was the son of an engraveur and illustrator. He started his career in the 1890s and worked as war correspondant for the newsmagazine 'l'Illustration' during the Balkan Wars of 1912-13. When war broke out in 1914, he was mobilised into the French army and was able to continue his work as artist-illustrator for that same prestigious publication, producing many renowed and now famous works dealing with the Great War

Georges Scott worked from sketches and photographs and also illustrated many heroic accounts which he read about in newspapers. At times he was not above creating a fictional, but heroic war scene. He was an illustrator foremost, producing work especially intended for the newsmedia. As such his images were deliberately patriotic and inspiring, with an element of 1870's Franco-Prussian War dash and glory thrown in for good measure. Then again, much of his later war work was highly realistic and accurate in regards to conditons at the front. He produced works in varied styles, using various mediums such as watercolors, chalk and pastels or oil paints.

As with Francois Flameng, most of his works were originally printed in lavish two-page color spreads in 'l'Illustration' or as cover pages and were reprinted in magazines and books in many countries, both during and after the war. Even German magazines were not above reprinting his illustrations during the war, though with slightly less inspiring French patriotic captions.

He continued a long and succesfull artistic career after the Armistice, still working as a war-correspondent/illustrator for 'l'Illustration' during the Spanish Civil War at the age of 65 and afterwards during the early part of the Second World War. Many of his original works are now in the 'Musée de l'Armée' in Paris and are still regularly exhibited.

(of modern-day books)
'La Premiere Guerre Mondiale Vue par les Peintres' by Frédéric Lacaille (pub Citédis 1998) ISBN 2-911920-11-2
'The Western Front Illustrated 1914-1918' by John Laffin (pub Suttin Publishing Ltd 1991) ISBN 0-7509-1438-6
 the Great War Art of Georges Scott : Myth & Realism
Illustrations by Georges Scott
taken from issues of the French newsmagazine 'l'Illustration'
Magazine Covers (5 illustrations)
1914 (5 illustrations)
1915 (4 illustrations)
Verdun (2 illustrations)
Soldiers (2 illustrations0
Play of Light and Dark (2 illustrations)
Cantine (1 illustration)
Artillery (2 illustrations)
Headquarters (1 illustration)
Belleau Wood (1 illustration)
Armored Car Raid (1 illustration)
Czech Volunteers (1 illustration)
1918 (1 illustration)

Texts by Georges Scott

Trois Jours dans un Poste de Commandement (French language text)
« La Guerre » de Georges Scott (French language text)


left :a 1915 George Scott illustration on a 1964 French history magazine cover
right : a Georges Scott illustration on a British magazine cover from 1914


Later Work

A Magazine Cover from 1937 / Spanish Civil War
4 Drawings from 1939
In Morocco


New Additions

2 Illustrations from 'The Illustrated War News'
A 1911 Coronation Illustration
The Transformation of a French Infantryman
Two Heroes
London Illustrated News Cover
In Alsace
In Alsace 2
The Military Medal
Goumiers in Flanders 1915
the French Army Enters Strasbourg in 1919

left : a different side of George Scott
an elegant Art-Deco styled advertisement for Studebacker automobiles from 1934
(from 'l'Illustration')
right : from a war-time magazine 'Lectures Pour Tous'
Georges Scott sitting while sketching

Under : an enlargment

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