P.139, J. T. McAllister, The Virginia Militia in the Revolutionary War, where additional comments may be found.

MITCHELL, John. � Montgomery, Sept. 3, 1832. Born about 1760. Drafted from Amelia in 1776 for no definite term. Served as fife major six weeks under Capt. Rowland Ward and Ensign Roberts. Only two companies were out on this service, the other being under Capt. Wilson. Marched to Hampton to prevent the British from landing, their fleet lying in the Chesapeake in full view. Drafted in fall of 1777, under Capt. William Craddock and Lt. Richard Craddock. The major in command was Dr. Cluman, a Frenchman. Marched to Cabin Point and Williamsburg. Was out six weeks. Served again in 1780 under Capt. William Craddock and Col. Richardson. Assembled at Hillsborough, N. C., and marched under Gen. Stevens, joining Gen. Gates the day before the battle of Camden. Next morning the action became general, and in the defeat, each man had to look out for himself. At Hillsborough remained about two weeks until the stragglers had pretty well come in. The forces to which applicant belonged were reduced to a regiment and placed under Col. Faulkner, Capt. Price commanding the company. They marched to New Garden to protect the Whigs from the tories, and finally applicant was discharged at Guilford C. H., after five months� service. Later, he was employed a month in Amelia collecting beeves for the army, this being in lieu of service in the ranks.