From: Jean Davidson, kinfauns
To: Charles B. Baxley, cbbaxley
Sent: Tuesday, October 08, 2002 8:44 PM
Subject: British Muster Rolls

I have had a thorough search through the Battle of Camden website and thank you for including my contribution on a few of the pages.

I attach two more summaries, which you may want to add to the website.

I have completed all the work you are looking for currently and have also found the Royal Artillery Muster Roll for Lt John McLeod's company.

The PRO large documents have to be scanned, under new Health and Safety rules. Unfortunately they have turned out with very dark backgrounds and of course fading 250 year old ink. I refused to accept the 23rd regiment copies and have handwritten them instead. All of these need to be checked through to reconcile to the numbers on Cornwallis's return for the regiments participating. I have reconciled the casualty lists to the muster rolls to identify the correct companies.

Now want to send all my material and have a large box full of documents ready to post. Please confirm address, per the website:
PO Box 10
South Carolina

Would you prefer an alternative address, eg the project office?

This should be in the post before the end of the week.

Jean Davidson

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