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‘The Battle of Camden, South Carolina, 16 August 1780’

by Lieut Col H L Launders

(71st Congress, 1st Session, House Document No. 12)

US Government Printing Office, Washington, 1929 (62 pages, illustrated)


From search at British Library, book reference: A.S.10

(Stored in Yorkshire archives, order via Science North 2 Section)


The book identifies the list of British and provincial troops per regiment, also killed, wounded or missing after the battle.  This includes 19 men of the Royal Artillery, under Lieutenant McLeod, of which three were wounded.





The letter from Cornwallis to Germain (Colonial Office papers copied – reference CO 5/183 folio 67) identifies -


- on page 150

‘two six- and two three-pounders which were commanded by Lieutenant McLeod’


- on page 151 that ‘Lieutenant McLeod exerted himself greatly in the conduct of our artillery’



Public Record Office Muster Rolls for Royal Artillery in War Office series:


WO 10 168 and WO 10 169 – both for July to December 1780




Both volumes are about 6 inches thick and include probably all units of the Royal Artillery at this period – located at Woolwich, Gibraltar, Minorca, Halifax in Nova Scotia, NewYork, St Kitts, St Lucia, Antigua, Barbados, Canada, etc.  Documents for companies in a number of battalions are included.


The Muster Rolls were completed monthly and there appears to be a complete set for each month between July to December 1780, together with separate Pay Lists for each company for each month and some correspondence confirming payments.



The set of details for August 1780 for the Company under the command of Major Peter Traille, Third Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, includes:


- Pay List for month


- Accompanying letter signed at New York to Pay Master of Royal Artillery, with on   reverse a letter from Charlestown, South Carolina, dated 1 July 1780


- A receipt signed by Major Peter Traille for money received for 1-31 July 1780

- Abstract of Subsistence written at Charlestown, South Carolina, dated 1 August 1780, with on reverse receipts of subsistence signed at Charleston, South Carolina on 1 August 1780


(The file contains a similar set of documents for September 1780.)


The files are too thick to photocopy effectively.  Have handwritten copy available, for company with First Lieutenant John McLeod – reference WO 10/169.  Have similar copies for two other companies for August 1780, signed at Charlotte Ville, Virginia.



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