From: Jean Davidson, kinfauns
To: Charles B. Baxley, cbbaxley
Sent: Wednesday, September 25, 2002 7:41 PM
Subject: Battle of Camden - British Regiments

I made another visit to the PRO to obtain access to the 23rd (Royal Welsh Fusiliers) Muster Rolls. These are in good order (like the 33rd Regiment) and have ordered copies of 8 companies, excluding the grenadier and light infantry companies which were probably not at Camden in August 1780.

Have checked the index of the Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research and copied one article which I found to be exceptionally useful a few years ago when researching the 74th and 82nd regiments. Found a few other possibly interesting and related articles.

Using this article and Stewart's book on the 71st regiment, now have a clearer picture of their situation. Their muster rolls are in a muddle compared to the other two regiments so have photocopied the whole group.

Attach three documents with my findings to date. It will be about 14 October before the 23rd regiment photocopies will be available so will send everything after that date.

Jean Davidson

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