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History of the Twenty-Third Regiment, or Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 1689-1850

By Richard Cannon,  Parker,Furnival & Parker, London  1847

(reference no. 356.109.41(23rd))


Pages 104-106  South Carolina and Action at Camden, includes:

‘The 23rd had 6 rank and file killed, Captain James Drury and 17 rank & file wounded.’



Muster Rolls at PRO

-         reference WO 12 3960 for 23rd Foot

-         period 25 June to 24 December 1780, 10 companies identified

-         these identify the names of six rank and file soldiers killed, and companies, on 16 August 1780 at the Battle of Camden


Deaths 16 August 1780            Effective Private Men

( in 1783) on Muster Rolls for this period - 1780

(when signed in 1783)


Captain William Keppel            Corporal Edward Paterson                       4


Major Frederick Mackenzie            Private John Shepherd                          2

                                                Private Thomas Shale


Sir William Howe               -                                                           8


Lt Col Nesbit Balflour            Private William Cox                             4


Capt Thomas Saumesez (?)            -                                                           3


Captain James Drury               Private John Ranksmore                   5


Captain Forbes Champagne            -                                                           4


Captain Charles Apthorp            Private George Weymouth                    3




In 1783, when above Muster Rolls signed to cover 1780 period, many prisoners of war and deserters.

These eight companies would be at the Battle of Camden and the six deaths identified in the regimental history are confirmed by the surviving PRO muster rolls.






23rd (Royal Welsh Fusiliers) Regiment, continued:




The following two companies were not at the Battle of Camden:


Grenadier Company:

Captain Thomas Peter               Effective private men in 1783: 38


Light Infantry(?):

Captain Lionel Smyth               Effective private men in 1783: 33


On these muster rolls for the period 25 June 1780 to 24 December 1780 (although signed in 1783) there are no prisoners of war, no deserters and no one killed.  These companies also received drafts.


The muster rolls for these companies have not been photocopied.