By Martin Marix Evans

 Airlife Publishing 2003 - ISBN 1 84037 387 3

120pp - Paperback - numerous b/w and colour illustrations and maps.

9.99 / US$12.95

The author has written a large number of excellent books on WW2, and for this new 'Vital Guide' has given us a concise account of the Battles of the Second World War. Themed into three main theatres of war, there are section on Europe and North Africa, the Eastern Front and the Pacific. Battles as diverse as El Alamein, Anzio, Operation Cobra, Stalingrad, Kursk and Tarawa are all covered.

In each case the battles are examined chronologically, with a good basic account of the fighting, some nice photographs and maps (many colour), and in many cases a useful order of battle of the principal units involved. The book ends with a list of museums on these battlefields, and an extensive reading list.

Overall, a useful companion to the battles and battlefields of World War 2 and a good, worthy general guide to the subject. Recommended.

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