Sherwood Foresters attd. Lincolnshire Regiment

who died on
Sunday 10 December 1944 . Age 22

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Buried: Faenza War Cemetery, Italy

Additional Information: Son of Thomas Henry and Nesta Mary Brunt, of Paddock Wood, Kent.


The citation in the London Gazette of 8th February, 1945, gives the following details:

On 9th December, 1944, the platoon commanded by Captain Brunt was holding a vital sector of the line in Italy. At dawn a counter-attack in great strength by the German 90th Panzer Grenadier Division soon threatened to break through. Captain Brunt rallied his remaining men and, although outnumbered, continued to hold his position. He himself killed about fourteen of the enemy with a Bren gun. On receiving orders to withdraw, he remained behind to give covering fire to his men, before dashing across open ground to a new position. Captain Brunt used the pause caused by this spirited defence to take a party back to the previous position and carry away the wounded who had been left there. Later in the day, the German forces made a further counter-attack. Captain Brunt leapt onto a Sherman tank and ordered the tank commander to drive from one fire position to another, while he sat or stood on the turret directing the fire of the tank. He then jumped off the tank and, with a Bren gun, stalked small parties of the enemy who were trying to approach on the left flank, killing many and causing the rest to withdraw. His coolness, bravery, devotion to duty and complete disregard of personal safety in this magnificent action were beyond praise. The next day, he was killed by mortar fire.

ŠPaul Reed 2004-6

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