3rd Bn., 5th Mahratta Light Inf

who died on
Monday 10 July 1944 . Age 23 .

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Commemorated: Cassino Memorial.

Additional Information: Son of Vithabai; husband of Laxmibai, of Palasgaon (Amnechiwadi), Kolaba, India.


The citation in the London Gazette for 2nd November, 1944, gives the following details:-

In Italy, on 10th July 1944, a company of the 5th Mahratta Light Infantry attacked a position strongly defended by the enemy. A rifle section commanded by Naik Yashwant Ghatge came under heavy machine-gun fire, which killed or wounded all the section except the commander. Without hesitation, Naik Yashwant Ghatge rushed the machine-gun post. He threw a grenade, shot one of the crew, and then, grasping his gun by the barrel, killed the remaining two men. Finally he was shot by enemy snipers and died in the post which he had captured single-handed. The courage, determination, and devotion to duty of this Indian N.C.O. in a situation where he knew the odds against him gave little hope of survival were outstanding.

ŠPaul Reed 2006

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