St Elisabeth's Hospital was the main medical facilitity on this side of Arnhem, and medical units from 1st (Airborne) Division quickly began to use it as the battle for Arnhem began. 16th Parachute Field Ambulance established itself here on 17th September, and wounded continued to be brought in while the confused battle for the ground around it raged. The hospital remained in use until the end of the battle, and many Arnhem 'personalities' were treated here.

hospitalmarker01.JPG (136068 bytes) hospitalarnhem02.JPG (129340 bytes)
Airborne marker outside the hospital. Hospital facade.

The building was closed and turned into apartments in 2000, but retains its original facade. Outside is an Airborne Marker, and inside the main hallway, which is not always open, are several commemorative plaques.


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