British - 986
Canadian - 13
Australian - 3
French - 3


The cemetery was started just after D Day, and was originally known as Sword Beach Cemetery because of its close proximity to that landing area. Most of the original burials were men from the 3rd Division who stormed ashore here on 6th June 1944, and liberated Hermanville. Indeed, the stone work of the parking area of this cemetery takes the form of the 3rd Division battle flash - a red triangle in a larger black triangle.

Some graves were moved in after the war, and while the early operations from D Day towards the liberation of Caen are well represented here, there are also casualties from the armoured units involved in Operations Goodwood in July, and the fighting for the Falaise area in August. Amongst the British casualties are a large number of Naval personnel, and Marine Commandos.


Hermanville-sur-Mer lies 13 km north of Caen on the road to Lion-sur-Mer (D60). To reach the War Cemetery go northwards right through Hermanville; after leaving the Mairie (Town Hall) on your left, turn right. Here is is signposted with a green CWGC sign. The gates to the War Cemetery and parking will be found after 300 metres. Alternatively, coming from Ouistreham, go through Colleville-Montgomery towards Hermanville. On the main road is a local sign on the left indicating to the cemetery; there is no green CWGC. Follow this road to the end past camp sites to the parking area in front of the cemetery.



Lieutenant Colonel D.H.V.Board MA  Royal Berkshires att. Kings Liverpool Regiment

- Killed 6th June 1944, age 38
- Mentioned in despatches


Lieutenant Colonel R.P.H.Burbury  DCLI cmdg. 1st South Lancashire Regiment

- Killed 7th June 1944, age 38
- Twice Mentioned in Despatches


Chaplain Rev. P.F.Firth MA

- Royal Army Chaplains Department
- Killed 7th June 1944, age 33
- Awarded Croix de Guerre (France)


Chaplain Rev. H.T.Wagg  att. 11th (Armoured) Division

- Royal Army Chaplains Department
- Killed 19th July 1944, age 35.
- Mentioned in Despatches.


Large number of 1st Suffolks in Plot 5, including:

Captain W.H.Archdall MA
CSM R.E.Broom
CSM G.W.Lancaster
- all killed 28th June 1944.


Soldiers with Decorations buried here:

Major P.F.Burr MBE
3rd Royal Tank Regiment
Killed 18th July 1944, age 28

Lieutenant R.S.Clazy MC
5th Black Watch
Killed 11th June 1944, age 36

Lieutenant B.T.Hardy MM
13/18 Royal Hussars RAC
Killed 14th June 1944, age 30

Sgt J.A.Lacasse MM
1st Canadian Parachute Battalion
Killed 14th June 1944, age 24

Cpl W.A.Lee MM
13/18 Royal Hussars RAC
Killed 15th June 1944, age 28

5th Cameron Highlanders
Killed 26th June 1944, age 28

Captain G.N.McDougall MC
629 Field Company Royal Engineers
Killed 6th June 1944, age 23

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