British - 457
Canadian - 4
German - 59


Fonentay le Pesnil saw heavy fighting in June and July 1944, particularly involving units of the 49th (West Riding) Division whose memorial is close by. The cemetery was started after the capture of the village, and was used by fighting units extensively in July 1944, in particular the South Staffordshire Regiment, East Lancashire Regiment, Royal Warwickshire Regiment, Durham Light Infantry and Armoured units. The German graves are largely soldiers from the 12th SS Panzer Division (Hitlerjugend).


Fontenay le Pesnil is a village on the D9 Caen-Caumont road, about 16km west of Caen. The cemetery is about 1km south of the village, on the D139 to Grainville. Following this road you reach the memorial to the 49th (West Riding) Division on the right; directly opposite is a signposted track for the cemetery. Follow this to the parking just before the cemetery.



Lieutenant Colonel J.G.Bullock TD  7th Bn South Staffordshire Regiment

- Killed 8th August 1944, age 37.


Lieutenant C. O'Leary  Welch Regiment

- Killed 29th July 1944, age 27.
- Inscription on his headstone reads: "How sleep the brave? Who sink to rest by all their country's wishes blest."


Major G.R.Leason MC  North Staffordshire Regiment

- Killed 28th July 1944, age 35.
- Inscription on his headstone reads: "A varry parfit gentil knight".


Private R. McGrath  1/4th Bn King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

- Killed 26th June 1944, age 17.


Private J.A.Robertson  Tyneside Scottish Black Watch

- Killed 2nd July 1944, age 17.


Major H.A.Woollatt MC  2/5th Lancashire Fusiliers

- Killed 17th July 1944, age 27.
- Inscription on his headstone reads: "Went the day well? He died and never knew. But well or ill, freedom, he died for you."

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