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Arras Photos

Photographs of the Arras Battlefields.

All photographs credited to the NAC are from the National Archives of Canada.

a002212.jpg (132738 bytes) Aerial view of Arras from an observation balloon, December 1917. (NAC)
a008140.jpg (71281 bytes) Memorial to the 87th Battalion Canadian Infantry on Vimy Ridge. (NAC)
a001371.jpg (52615 bytes) Canadian grave near Vimy, June 1917. (NAC)
a002047.jpg (78042 bytes) Original memorial to the 2nd Canadian Division on Vimy Ridge. (NAC)
a001079.jpg (72961 bytes) Canadian Machine Gunners digging in on Vimy Ridge. (NAC)
a001229.jpg (93369 bytes) Pack horses taking up ammunition to guns of 20th Battery C.F.A., Neuville St. Vaast, April 1917. (NAC)
a001479.jpg (102999 bytes) Pte. Tom Longboat the Indian long distance runner buying a paper from a little French newspaper boy. June, 1917. (NAC)
bullecourt02.jpg (656022 bytes) Officers of the 2nd Bn Queens Regiment at Bullecourt 1917.
bullecourttank01.jpg (627478 bytes) Knocked out British tank at Bullecourt, April 1917.
hindenburgline01.jpg (201677 bytes) Aerial image of the Hindenburg Line at Arras 1917.
filler14.jpg (189012 bytes) Barges on the River Scarpe at Arras, April 1917.

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