Schneider and Glassick

This firm, founded by William Schneider and Frederick Glassick, first appears in the 1860 Memphis City Directory.  Prior to this date, the two founders manufactured revolvers in their independent firms of F. Glassick and Co. and Schneider and Co.  At some point in the late 1850s the two men deside to combine firms and produce pistols jointly under the name of Schneider and Glassick.  The firm built six-shot revolving pistols similar in design to the .36 caliber Colt Model 1851 Navy.  Shneider and Glassick contracted and made weapons for the Confederate government at their Memphis business until March 1862 when federals gained control of the city.  To date, it is unknown how many revolvers were produced by the firm between May 1861 and March 1862.  Some sources have the number as high as 50-55, while others have it as low as 15-20.

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