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Green Beret's

Vietnam War - The History of the Green Beret

Web Sites
  • Special Forces - GoArmy.com recruiting page.
  • 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) -Official Page
  • US Army Special Forces - Specwarnet

  • McMike - Special Forces Vietnam Vet - great stories
  • U.S. Army Special Forces 1961-1971 - Department of the Army

  • U.S. soldier wounded in Afghanistan -Afghanistan
  • Four U.S. soldiers die in Afghan blast -Afghanistan
  • Firefight erupts in Afghanistan -Afghanistan
  • U.S. soldier wounded in Afghan firefight -Afghanistan
  • U.S. Special Forces soldier killed by hostile fire -Afghanistan
  • Green Berets march on - CNN -1995.
  • "Green Berets Chase Gunmen" - AP article from Haiti
  • FRONTLINE Interview - Gen Schwartzkopf's Views of Special Forces

    Resources (current and former SF only)
  • Special Forces Enlisted Newsletter - US Army PERSCOM
  • Special Forces Enlisted Branch Promotions Updates - US Army PERSCOM
  • Special Forces Association Home Page

  • Google