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Spanish American War Centennial Website?
The Spanish American War Centennial Website continues to grow and be updated. Some visitors ask "what's been changed?" or "What's been added?" This page will attempt to keep track of the last 10 updates.
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The Spanish American War Chronology was updated (4/5/02)

The Winston Churchill In Cuba Page was added (4/4/02)

The Biography of Gen. Enrique Loynaz del Castillo and the Report of Capt. Chadwick were updated. (4/4/02)

The Biography of Gen. Enrique Loynaz del Castillo was added (4/3/02)

The Spanish American War Veterans Buried In Kentucky Page was added (and the one gent listed on the page must be lonely) (4/1/02)

The Roster of the 159th Indiana Volunteer Infantry, Co. B was added (4/1/02)

The Researching a Spanish American War Veteran Page, the USS CONCORD Page, the Parts Salvaged from the Battleship MAINE Page and the Unit Histories and Rosters Page were updated (4/1/02)

The LAMPASAS was added to the Transports Page (3/31/02)

The Biography of William Murray Black was added (3/30/02)

The Cuban Liberator Medal, Copper Version was added (3/30/02)

On March 28, 2002, we received our 2,000,000th hit (we only track hits on 42 of our 760+ pages, however). It took us 13 months to get our 1,000,000th hit, but only 11 months to get our 2,000,000th hit!
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