US Order of Battle, 1898

By Jess Giessel and Patrick McSherry

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US Army, V Corps, under the command of Maj. Gen. William "Pecos Bill" Shafter. Headquarters troops included one company of Signal Corps, three companies of Hospital Corps, Comanies C and E of Engineers Battalion, Troops A, C, D, and F of the 2nd Cavalry, and Parker's Detachment of the 13th U.S. Infantry with four Gatling guns.

1st Division (Brig. Gen. Kent)

1st Brigade (Brig. Gen. Hawkins)
6th U.S. Infantry
16th U.S. Infantry
71st New York Infantry

2nd Brigade (Col. Pearson)
2nd U.S. Infantry
10th U.S. Infantry
21st U.S. Infantry

3rd Brigade (Col. Wikoff)
9th U.S. Infantry
13th U.S. Infantry
24th U.S. Infantry

2nd Division (Brig. Gen. Lawton)

1t Brigade (Brig. Gen. Ludlow)
8th U.S. Infantry
22nd U.S. Infantry
2nd Massachusetts Infantry

2nd Brigade (Col. Miles)
1st U.S. Infantry
4th U.S. Infantry
25th U.S. Infantry

3rd Brigade (Brig. Gen. Chafee)
7th U.S. Infantry
12th U.S. Infantry
17th U.S. Infantry

Cavalry Division (Maj. Gen. Joseph Wheeler)

1st Brigade (Brig. Gen. Sumner)
3rd U.S. Cavalry
6th U.S. Cavalry
9th U.S. Cavalry

2nd Brigade
1st U.S. Cavalry
10th U.S. Cavalry
10th cavalry Mountain Gun Detachment
1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry ("Rough Riders")

Artillery Battalion (Maj. Dillenback)
1st U.S. Artillery, Light Battery E
1st U.S. Artillery, Light Battery K
2nd U.S. Artillery, Light Battery A
2nd U.S. Artillery, Light Battery F

Siege Train
4th U.S. Artillery, Battery G
4th U.S. Artillery, Battery H

Independent Brigade (part of IV Army Corps, attached to Vth Corps)

3rd U.S. Infantry
20th U.S. Infantry

1st Marine Battalion


1st Army Corps (Maj. Gen. John Brooke)

6th U.S. Cavalry, Troop H
Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry, City Troop
Pennsylvania Volunter Artillery, Battery B
Missouri Volunteer Artillery, Battery A
Illinois Volumter Artillery, Battery A
27th Indiana Volunteer Artillery
Signal Corps Battalion
Dynamite Gun Detachment

1st Division (Maj. Gen. James Wilson)

3rd U.S. Artillery, Light Battery F
5th U.S. Artillery, Light Battery B
New York Volunteer Cavalry, Troop C
Volunteer Signal Company

1st Brigade (Brig. Gen. O. H. Ernst)
16th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
2nd Wisconsin Volunter Infantry
3rd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry

Provisional Division (Brig. Gen. Guy Henry)
19th U.S. Infantry
6th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
6th Illinois Volunteer Infantry
2nd U.S. Cavalry

Independent Brigade (Brig. Gen. Schwan)
11th U.S. Infantry (3 battalions)
1st Kentucky Volunteer Infantry
5th U.S. Cavalry, Troop A
3rd U.S. Artillery, Light Battery C
5th U.S. Artillery, Light Battery D

Additional troops assigned to the 1st Army Corps:

19th U.S. Infantry (2 battalions)
1st Illinois Volunteer Infantry
7th U.S. Artillery, Battery C
7th U.S. Artillery, Battery M
5th U.S. Artillery, Battery G
Signal Corps Battalion
Provisional Engineer Battalion


4th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
Pennsylvania Governor's Troop


VIII Army Corps, under the command of Maj. Gen. Wesley Merritt

2nd Division (the VIII Corps had one Division, oddly numbered as the Second Division. The Second Division was under the command of Brig. Gen. Thomas M. Anderson.)

1st Brigade - Brig. Gen. Arthur MacArthur

*23rd U.S. Infantry (Col. John W. French)
14th U.S. Infantry
13th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry
1st North Dakota Volunteer Infantry
1st Idaho Volunteer Infantry
1st Wyoming Volunter Infantry
Astor Battery

2nd Brigade - Brig. Gen. F. V. Greene

*18th U.S. Infantry, 1st Battalion under Col. C. M. Bailey,
2nd Battalion under Maj. Charles Kellar.
3rd U.S. Artillery, 1st Battalion under Capt. James O'Hara,
2nd Battalion under Capt. W. E. Birkhimer.
*U. S. Engineers, Co. A (2nd Lt. William D. Connor)
1st California Volunteer Infantry (Col. James S. Smith)
*1st Colorado Volunteer Infantry (Col. Irving Hale)
*1st Nebraska Volunteer Infantry (Col. John P. Bratt)
*10th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry (Col. A. L. Hawkins)
*Utah Volunteer Artillery, Light Battery A (Capt. R. W. Young)
*Utah Volunteer Artillery, Light Battery B (Capt. F. A. Grant)
2nd Oregon Volunteer Infantry
California Volunteer Heavy Artillery Detachment

(*) Indicates that these troops arrived on June 15, 1898. The remainder arrived subsequently.


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