Spanish American War Era Naval Good Conduct Medal
Contributed by Peter Knepton


In 1884 the Navy Department authorized a new design for the Good Conduct Medal. The new design consisted of a circular Good Conduct medal to be suspended from a maroon ribbon. The design for the new medal retained the pendant designed in 1880 by Commodore Schley who was head of the Navy's Equipment and Recruiting Bureau.

This particular Good Conduct Medal was awarded to Michael Haley who an Oiler aboard the USS Indiana during the Battle of Santiago off Cuba on July 3, 1898.  The USS Indiana bar on the suspension ribbon is engraved on the backside with Haley's service number and the date of July 3, 1898.  On the backside of the medal is Haley's service number and date of his enlistment. Also engraved on the backside is the ship he was serving on at this time which was the USS Philadelphia.


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