By Andrew Lipps

In keeping with a tradition from the Civil War, the Citizens of Brooklyn, N.Y. wished to honor the Sailors and Marines who served aboard the U.S.S. BROOKLYN, Commodore Schley's flagship and one of the major combatants at the naval Battle of Santiago. In order to do so they struck a fine heavy bronze medal and presented them to the crew of the vessel.

The planchet of the medal features a detail of the ship under steam and reads "U.S.S. BROOKLYN - SANTIAGO DE CUBA.  JULY 3, 1898".  The reverse of the medal is headed by the German motto "Ein Dracht Macht Maght" (roughly Might makes right) and reads "IN COMMEMORATION OF THEIR HEROISM AT THE DESTRUCTION OF THE SPANISH FLEET FROM THE CITIZENS OF BROOKLYN TO THE MEN BEHIND THE GUNS".

The recipients of these medals had their names placed upon the top bar. The medal shown here had the name named "CHAS. GILHOOLEY".  Charles Gilhooley's name appears on the roll of the U.S.S. BROOKLYN as a Coal Passer and was also a recipient of the Navy's Sampson Medal.

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