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This site is indebted to Jess Giessel for articles (as noted throughout), the overall website format, and the actual design of many of its pages. The remaining pages were based on his initial design. See below, for an image of Jess' great-grandmother during the war period.

Patrick McSherry is responsible for many of the articles (as noted throughout) and for collaboration with many of the contributors. He is now serving as overall editor, a position he has held since 1998. Pat has historical articles in print published both nationally and  internationally. In addition to his own writing, and his editting work with this website, he has aided in the editting of items such as a documentary script for a History Channel production on the Spanish American War, and a book for young adults on the war. He has served as techincal advisor for a variety of documentary productions such as a work on the wreck of the USS NEW YORK in Subic Bay, and has appeared in the Lou Reda Productions for the History Channel of "Spanish American War - Birth of a Superpower," and "Battle History of the U.S. Navy." He has also served as an advisor on the PBS Production "Search for the USS MAINE." McSherry serves as a volunteer aboard the Cruiser OLYMPIA as a member of the Living History Crew of the OLYMPIA, where he serves as president of the Crew's Ship Council.   Pat's knowledge of the Spanish American War has given him the opportunity to serve as Category Editor for the Open Directory Project's Spanish American War and Spanish American War Living History categories. (See below for an image of Pat's relative, Willard McSherry, who served in Puerto Rico).


Left, Patrick McSherry in his library (photo by Dan Marschka, Lancaster Intelligencer Journal); Right, Patrick McSherry with binoculars on the History Channel's "Spanish American War - Birth of a Superpower" (with Ken Brooks at the wheel and Jack L. McSherry, Jr. in the background)

The co-editors gratefully acknowledge the many contributions to the site made by many people. Efforts have been made to give everyone credit for their contributions. If we have overlooked anyone, please let us know!

Jess' great-grandmother

This photo was taken on the 4th of July, 1898 at Yelm, Wash. The small girl in white, fourth from right, is Jess' Great Grandmother, Evva Maria Waddell (and yes, that's Evva, with two "v's", pronounced Ehva, not Eva).  Also notable is the young woman to her left who is wearing a red, white, and blue bow on her dress.

Willard McSherry

Willard McSherry, a cousin of Pat's grandfather, was a member of the 4th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry and served in Puerto Rico. He died of disease contracted Puerto Rico within a year of his return to the U.S.
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