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New Zealand Permanent Force Old Comrades' Association

Newsletter No. 107 September 2000


Routine Orders

Last Post

F.R. Jones 22 Jun 00 at Devonport.
L.B. Tolson 14 Apr 00 at Whangamata.

Life Members

The following are elected life members:
T.P. Shirley and Mrs Iris Rowntree.

New Member

H 50630 T.J. (Josh) Collins

Executive Committee

Post of Secretary - It was resolved that Capt John Rout be nominated for election at the AGM as Honorary Secretary, to replace J. McL. Ross, who is retiring.
Next Committee Meeting - Saturday 14 October 2000 at 1000hrs at the Birkenhead RSA. All members are welcome to attend. Return to top



If you escaped Latin at school, this heading means "Everywhere and Everything". Gunners are now forming part of NZBAT 3, a battalion group to be the third relief (now called a "rotation") of troops for East Timor. Long live the old "infantillery" tradition: we're right behind you lot. Remember the hard-won wisdom, and carry your packs on the platoon truck.

NZ Defence Quarterly

Our glossier, though shorter-lived sister has published its last issue, that of Winter this year. Its first editorial, by the then Secretary of Defence, produced his "We have the world's largest moat" dictum of NZ's invulnerability, and stated "There are no ten commandments to tell us how to protect these interests". He had not heard of the Principles of War. "Contributions by retired majors... will be discouraged" he wrote, and, sure enough journalists, historians and academics maintained a seamlessly-sanitised content reminiscent of a militarised "Ladies Home Journal". By the last number, however, some more pertinent comment was being published, but at that point it was decided that the magazine would be discontinued "for financial reasons". Probably a coincidence.

Defence Policy

Sure enough, the Government's "Defence Policy Framework", in June, canceled previous good intentions of holding a thorough review of defence, and yet delayed or shelved hard decisions on re-equipping the armed forces. "In a long list of things to do" wrote the Minister "The most pressing are to address the mobility and communication requirements of the Army..." What about some firepower, like rounds on the ground? The Regiment should beware of sentiments expressed in the late-lamented Defence Quarterly: "What justification is there for artillery which has never been used and would never be deployed on a peace-keeping mission?" Once again, one sees the emphasis on peace-keeping, and the placid assumption of the "No Threat" brigade that, despite the "ring of fire" developing in the South Pacific, conflict can be avoided by sweetness and reason. Our comments suffer from being second-hand: the new policy statement is not available in print in Auckland. One is referred instead to a mysterious entity known as: Return to top

Events & Reunions

St Barbara's Day

  1. A lunchtime gathering will be held at the Birkenhead RSA at 1100 hrs on 7 Dec 00. Let the Secretary know if you are coming.
  2. The day will be marked on or about 4 Dec at Papakura RSA. Details to be advised by Jeff Waters.

Annual Reunion 2000: Taupo 10-12 Nov 00

Programme   |   Accommodation

Reunion Programme

10 Nov 00
1600 hrsGather at TAUPO RSA - Horomatangi Street
11 Nov 00
1000 hrsAnnual General Meeting at TAUPO YACHT CLUB - Redoubt Street
1800hrsPre-dinner drinks at TAUPO YACHT CLUB
Dress:Gentlemen informal: Jacket and tie, lounge suit or appropriate uniform.
Medals and Decorations to be worn.
Ladies: semi-formal.
Wine:The Yacht Club does not permit guests to bring their own wine, but have a good stock at club rates. Port for toasts will be supplied by the Association.
12 Nov 00
1000hrsChurch Parade in SPA HOTEL LOUNGE which is the historic meeting house "Tiki o te Tamamutu".
After Church Parade'One for the Road' in suite A.

Reunion Accommodation

SPA HOTEL: We make the Spa our HQ because the site was occupied in 1867 by the NZ Armed Constabulary from which sprang both the NZ Permanent Force and the NZ Police. It is therefore part of our historical heritage. The present hotel, which developed from the AC wet canteen, is one of the few licensed houses left which possesses character. The following accommodation is available (book through Secretary, Jim Ross):
chalets: tariff $50 double, $60 single, additional adults $10, children $10. Each has double bed on ground floor plus a convertible couch. Some have three single beds, others have one double plus one single on mezzanine floor. Specify which you prefer. Full kitchen, toilet and shower facilities plus private spa pool, TV, radio and phone. Ideal for sharing with another couple. We have booked all fifteen.
studio units: tariff: $50 double, $35 single. There are ten, each with one double bed and one single. Each room has own shower, toilet, TV, refrigerator, tea, toast-making facilities. Last year all these were booked early.
meals: breakfast is not supplied, but an evening meal is available from 1830hrs Fri 10 Nov.
OTHER ACCOMMODATION: (Make your own bookings)
  1. See RSA Review for other motels which offer discounts to RSA members.
  2. The Visitor Information Centre, phone (07) 378 9000, is a good source. Fax: (07) 378 9003, email: [email protected], PO Box 865 Taupo.
  3. Army motel units, Acacia Bay, are booked out. Army units may be booked 6 months in advance.
  4. The Lake Hotel is now an "Irish Pub" with very noisy backpackers quarters upstairs but the Cobb & Co restaurant is still open next door.

Look forward to seeing you,
Jim Ross (Hon Sec)

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