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Guns around Wanganui

War Memorial, Queen's Gardens


This 25-pr is next to the War Memorial in Queen's Gardens, Wanganui.

Lady Denison

Denison Denison

Two cannon, mounted on wooden carriages, are from the barque, Lady Denison which was a merchant vessel that became stranded at Wanganui in the 1860s. The cannon were much older than the vessel and were used for ballast. When the vessel was eventually refloated and recommissioned, the cannon were removed. They can be seen in the centre of Wanganui, in Queen's Gardens above the Memorial Steps. The one on the left is an American SBML 6-pr made around 1830 by J. Clark & Co. Bellona Foundry, VA. The other is a carronade-type gun without markings.

Krupp 9-pr

A German Krupp 9-pr gun was buried by the Boers when retreating during the Second South African War. It was recovered and presented to the Colony of New Zealand by Lord Kitchener in recognition of the service performed by the 4th and 5th contingents in that war. It used to stand outside the Wanganui Museum and is now in the War Memorial building opposite the museum.

HMS Calliope Cannon

HMS Calliope cannon

SBML 12-pr. Made by Carron in 1812, these were part of the armament of HMS Calliope which visited Wanganui during the New Zealand Wars of the 1840s. Two stand outside the Army Headquarters in Maria Place Extension, Wanganui.

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