Ocean County Railroad Buff

                Welcome to my personal homage to the steam and diesel giants that rode the
              rails of Ocean County.  The site will provide some historical, pictorial and
              personal insight of railroading by the Pennsylvania Railroad, the Central
              Railroad of New Jersey, Conrail and New Jersey Transit.  Ocean County has a
              rich railroad history and many of the towns we call home owe their origin to
              the railroads.  Many miles of rails have been removed or abandoned , and often
              a county's rail history would be greatly abbreviated when it should not be.
              There will also be photos from around the state, New York and Pennsylvania.
              There's also photos of the C&O 614 excursion, as well as Juniata Terminal's
E8A excursions and others.
I also want to give an acknowledgment to the Central
               Jersey Rail Coalition who has been very vocal in pushing for restored
               passenger service on the former Jersey Central Southern Division Main
              Line and PRR Freehold Branch.  Formed in 1996, their mission was to get public
              and political support for rail service for western Ocean and Monmouth Counties.
              It took four years, but it appears as their message has finally been heard as
              New Jersey Transit has finally stopped their "studies" to determine ridership
              and is willing to restore the line. The plans are not complete, but at least
              some forward movement has occurred.

              Table of Contents
   What is new
    History of rail in Ocean County
    The Blue Comet
    Effects of Conrail
    Jersey Central locomotives transferred to Conrail
    Enter New Jersey Transit
    Photo Gallery
    Other Railroad Web Links
    Sources Cited/Acknowledgment
    Questions/Comments-contact me
    Railroads in the News

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I also want to give a very special thank you to my
wife, who not only helped me with this site,
but also supports my hobby.  It is not always easy to
            spot Conrail, and sometimes you feel like you are on a wild
            goose chase. She has been extremely supportive of my
            quests to photograph Big Blue, and even helped on several
            occasions. To that, I thank you.

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