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Webrings are an easy and quick way to travel to different sites that meet your specific interest. Its also a great way to add traffic to your website. This webring will allow you to travel to and from sites that involve railroads and New Jersey.

The following guidelines must be met and maintained in order for a site to be on the New Jersey Railroad Webring.
1) The site must in some way involve railroads in New Jersey. This may include anything from model railroads to historic information. If you are not sure if your site qualifies, submit your site and see what happens. But before you do, read the basic guidelines below.
2) No profanity or innapropriate material will be allowed on pages in the ring.
3) Sites must display the ring HTML on their main page that visitors first see upon entering the site.
4) No sites that are totally commercial.
5) The ring HTML must not be altered in anyway unless you recieve permission from the ringmaster.
6) If the site fails to obey any of the above guidelines, it may be subject to immediate removal from the webring. If there is a minor problem, then you will be contacted via email and asked to correct it.

Below is what the html looks like when it is added to a page. Do not copy the html below, since has Central Jersey Rails's ID number in it. Each site has its customized html with their own personalized ID automatically inserted into it. This allows the webring to work properly. You revieve your customized html code after you submit your site.

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After you submit your site, you will recieve an email immediately giving you your html code that you must add to your page. Then, your page and webring code will be checked to make sure that it meets all of the requirements. You will recieve an email saying when your page has been added. If you need further help regarding this webring then feel free to email me.

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