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What is Paleography?
Script Index (Many scripts link to an individual paleography exercise.)
Paleography Exercises

Authors, Scribes and Libraries

This contains some introductory material about who composed books and documents, who wrote them down and how libraries developed.

The Written Word

A little compilation of the nature of literate knowledge and written bureaucracy from the middle ages.

Tools and Materials

Pens, parchment, ink and various other tools of the scribal trade.

Forms of Manuscripts

An introduction to the physical forms of medieval written products, such as the single sheet document, the codex, the roll and the wax tablet.


Page design, calligraphy, initials and borders, miniatures, bookbindings and seals are all examined.

The Concept of Literacy

This attempts to examine what literacy meant and how it changed during the middle ages for different areas of society.


These are a series of maps of Europe showing the history of scripts over the centuries, and other aspects of the development of writing.


This is a little collection of odd and interesting things in the manuscript line. They are all linked from various other sections.


Glossary All the words about writing.

Bibliography Lots of books about writing.

Links Plenty of other websites about writing.

Who Are We? Good question.

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