Restoration and Sustained Maintenance of the
"Washington-Rochambeau Route to Victory" Display
Outside Historic Mount Vernon, Virginia.

The orphan "Washington-Rochambeau Route to Victory" display needs help!

The Exp�dition Particuli�re Commemorative Cantonment Society seeks modest financial support for repair or replacement, and maintenance of the wood encased "Washington-Rochambeau Route to Victory" display, which is located next to one of the Historic Mount Vernon parking lots. The display was erected in 1976 by a Franco-American Bicentennial Commission that no longer exists. Over the years, some damage has occured to the sign. No state or Federal agency accepts reponsibility for its maintenance. For some time it was on National Park Service land, but it is now on land owned by Historic Mount Vernon, with an easement to the National Park Service.

The present wood-framed display:

  • Provides a fine summary of the epic 1781 strategic march to Yorktown, and commemorates the single military-related event at Mount Vernon during the American Revolution, when Washington hosted the senior allied staff at his home.
  • Reinforces -- actually introduces in most cases -- the casual public's awareness of the important French military contribution to the American cause.
  • Is one of only two. The other is located at the Virginia Victory Center at Yorktown.
  • More than just an historic road-marker, the display has a valuable and unique purpose in educating the public on an important aspect of the war. As such, local patriotic groups and individuals should be willing to support repair and maintenance of the display.

Exp�dition Particuli�re suggested to the director of Mount Vernon, that The Mount Vernon Ladies' Association undertake the needed repairs or replacement of the display. The cost must be defrayed by civic contributions. It is recognized that there will be expenses if Mount Vernon's grounds maintenance staff undertook the responsibility.
It is reasonable that Mount Vernon's expenses in this endeavor be supported by donations from local groups and individuals interested in preserving the memory of this part of Virginia's Revolutionary War history. Contributions would be sent directly to Mount Vernon from members of local Revolutionary War commemorative, heritage, patriotic, and history study groups.

The Executive Director of Mount Vernon has examined the issue and decided that the sign cannot be effectively repaired. If it remains, it must be replaced. The estimated cost is in the $3,000-$4,000 area. The director has approved of the concept for using funds donated by groups and/or individuals. If such funds can be raised, or promised to Mount Vernon by the end of 2003, it is possible that Mount Vernon might replace the out door display in early 2004.

PATRIOTIC ORGANIZATIONS AND THEIR INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS COULD HELP by registering in writing their support directly to the: Executive Director, Historic Mount Vernon, Mount Vernon, Virginia 22121. In contacting Mount Vernon, reference should be made to �The Washington-Rochambeau Route to Victory Display'.


Virginia Daughters
of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution

Launch initiative to support Mount Vernon's replacement of The Washington-Rochambeau Route to Victory Display.
See Virginia Daughters to the Rescue !

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Page revised 19 November 2003.