Table Summary of Movements of French Naval Fleets During the War for American Independence.

Objective of this webpage is to illustrate the strategic mobility and scale of global deployments of the French Royal Navy throughout the American War for Independence.
Data shown is based upon �Annex XVI' from La vie aventureuse et mouvement�e de Charles Henri comte d'Estaing (edition Jacques Michel, 1976), by Jacques Michel (Capitaine de Vaisseau, du Service Historique de la Marine), and some references in Jacques Michel Verge-Franceschi's, La Marine fran�aise au XVIIIe si�cle,(�ditions SEDES, Paris 1998).
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D. 13 April from Toulon.
A. 6 July at Delaware.
(proceeded to New York, Newport, Boston)
D. 4 November from Boston
A. 9 December at Martinique (WI).
Loss of St. Lucia, 13 Dec.

Battle of Ushant [Ouessant] (23 July).

A. 1 Sep before Savannah.
Siege of Savannah.
Failure of siege 13 Oct.
D. 27 Oct.
Returned to France in December.
Capture of St. Vincent.
Capture of Grenada (3 Jul).
Battle of Grenada (6 Jul).

D. 25 Jul from Windward Islands (WI).

with a Spanish fleet under CORDOVA

Planned invasion of England by a combined Franco-Spanish fleet of 66 ships.
Campaign abandoned and force returned to Brest 19 Sep.

Transported Rochambeau's Expeditionary Corps of 5,000 men from France to North America. Remained 'on station' at Rhode Island with squadron of 7 ships.

D. 2 May departed Brest.

A. 12 Jul at Newport (RI).

Replaced the deceased Ternay (15 Dec).

D. 3 Feb from Brest.

A. 22 Mar at Martinique (WI)
Three battles against Rodney (17 Apr, 15 and 19 May).

D. August, from Martinique with a convoy for Cadiz (Sp).

A. 23 Oct at Cadiz.

with & subordinate
Protecting convoys.
9 Aug, seized British convoy of 60 ships.

Commanded the Franco-Spanish force at Cadiz, departing 23 Sep.

D. 7 November from Cadiz (with GUICHEN and the convoy).
A. 3 Jan 1781 at Brest.

Participated with Spanish fleet at siege of Pensacola (April). Returned to WI.

Assumed command in May of French squadron at Newport (RI), previoulsy under Destouches.


A. 29 Aug in the Chesapeake Bay.

Junction with BARRAS.
Capture of Yorktown, 19 Oct.

D. 4 November, departed the Chesapeake (with Barras).

In command of WI French fleet after Guichen's departed.

D.22 Mar, from Brest.

A. End of April, at Martinique.
2 Jun captured Tabago.

D. 5 Jul departed Martinique.

A. 25 Nov at Martinique.
26 Nov, capture of St. Eustatius by BOUILLE.


Under orders of
from Jun to Oct.

Crusing at large the coasts of France and Spain.

Landed allies at Minorica.

Patroling the Atlantic.


SUFFREN departed Brest (the same time as DE GRASSE) en route to join d'Orves in India:

En route, SUFFREN engaged British squadron in the Cape Verde Islands;
continued to on around the Cape (Capetown),
and to Ile de France [Mauratius].




A. 9 Aug at Boston.

D. 24 Dec.


13 Feb, capture of St. Christophe.  



Battle of the Saints, 12 Apr.
De Grasse made prisoner.  


Assumed command of French feet.
D. July for Boston.
4 Feb British garrison surrendered to the Duc de Crillon at Minorica.



Under orders of CORDOVA

Combined fleet in the Manche from Jun to July.

Returned to Cadiz 5 Sep.

Attack upon Gibraltar failed 13 Sep.
British admiral Howe forced allied blockade and delivered aid to the fortress.

Indecisive battle fought off Cape Spartel (20 Sep).

A. Cadiz 20 Nov.
Prepared a large allied expedition to go to Jamaica (WI).
9 Feb, replaced deceased d'Estienne d'Orves.

A. 16 Feb.
Conducted many battles in the area of Madras.

D. 15 Oct. Brief winter stay in Sumatra.

1783 20 Janaury, preliminary talks on a peace agreement began.

3 September, Peace Treaty signed at Versailles.


D. Beginning in January, engaged in many battles, the last fought 20 Jun.


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