Chev Gun Tractor Restoration

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Chev Gun Tractor Eric Delcommenne is a 35 year-old Belgian with a passion for CMP trucks. He rescued this 1944 Chev Gun Tractor which had been re-equipped with a tipper body, and began the restoration process. As can be seen the cab is original, but the crew compartment box had long been discarded. The winch is intact.

Eric has launched his own CMP web site, in which he documents his growing collection of CMPs, which now includes a 1941 11-cab Chev C30.

If anyone with body bits for this FAT can help, please contact Eric!

Chev Gun Tractor The compact chassis of the Chev FAT. 

Chev Gun Tractor Eric's Chev FAT now equipped with the floor and lower body of the standard crew compartment. Eric desperately needs a body for this magnificent truck; he found 10 complete FAT wrecks in Portugal, but the owner apparently intends to reap a whirlwind profit from these vehicles.

It's nice to think that this very vehicle most likely once towed a limber and 25 pdr in support of Canadian Army operations through France, Belgium and Holland. Well done, Eric!

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