Heavy Utility Wireless

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Heavy Utility Wireless The C8A Heavy Utility Wireless van. Shown here somewhere in England before D-Day, the Heavy Utility Wireless was used primarily by artillery, anti-aircraft and anti-tank regiments to net in to the theatre fire-control network. It was technically an 8cwt 4 X 4 truck, noteable by its unusual 9.25 X 16 low profile, balloon-type tyres. As can be seen, it shares the same basic cab as all other CMPs, and its 216ci straight-six OHV engine is also the same as that powering most other Chev CMPs.

The HUW was equipped with a No.19 wireless set, along with extra batteries and a 300W chorehorse.

The HUW as Found Bruce Parker's 1944 HUW, almost as found. The fenders have been removed already. Note the indentation behind the right-hand door; this is a 1944 modification to permit the carrying of a spare wheel/tyre.

Chassis Completed and Body Partially Stripped A year or so later, and substantially along the in restoration process. With full restoration being deferred for the moment by the arrival of the Fox, the stripped body shell has been placed back on top of the chassis for ease of storage. The chassis itself had already been stripped down to the last nut and bolt - including  both axle assemblies. All related components were then restored/repaired/replaced as necessary and reassembled. A freshly-rebuilt engine awaits installation.

Tyres remain a problem. While standard U.S. 9.00 X 16 NDCC tyres can be fitted, Bruce would much prefer to mount rubber as close in profile to the originals...any suggestions, anyone?

The Reskinning Process Begins A view back through the windshield. The body on this vehicle was badly corroded, and the decision was taken to reskin. As can be seen here, almost all of the old metal has been removed. Luckily all surfaces are basically flat, so costs associated with reskinning will me minimized. We will cover this process in detail when it occurs, along with the final restoration, assembly and kitting out. It will carry a fully-functional 19-set when complete.

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