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Art History and Collections

Art history and discussion | Individual artists | Collections

Art history and discussion

Cleveland Museum of Art: 3rd century Group of Sculptures with Christian Subjects. Fascinating group shows the transition from pagan to Christian art. See these enlargements and some close-ups. Individual objects here, here and here.

Late Antique carved gemstones with Jonah on them, from the Beazley Archive.

1896 Election Cartoon, with explanation, from the Vassar College site 1896: The Presidential Campaign—Cartoons and Commentary compiled by Rebecca Edwards and Sarah DeFeo.

PDF: The Sign of Jonah by Heidi J. Hornik, a professor at Baylor University, on the Cleveland marbles. Hornik puts the marbles in their ancient context.

Getty Musem: Jonah Cast into the Sea.

On a 16c. Ottoman depiction of the story.

Individual artists

The Ikon Studio: "The Canticle of Jona." Details of a wonderful multi-scene icon, painted by Basil Lefchick and his studio in Washington D.C.

Hymn to Her / Karen Whitehill. Whitehill made the amusing collage "Joanah – Joan Blondell."

Naomi Spiers' striking biblical sculptures including scupture and papercut Jonah and the Fish.

Gret's Jonah sarcophagus, a clay reproduction of an ancient sarcophagus.

Ingenious wooden Jonah and the whale models from Three Points Design.

Wayne Forte with a Large Vertical Jonah.

Albert Hodge. Inventive sculpture.

Paul Bloomer with a Jonah woodcut.

Zygmunt Frankel, a minimalist woodcut.


Six pages of excellent pictures with minimal explanation where they come from or why they were collected.

National Library of the Netherlands (20 images, from the 13-16c.)

Art links from The Text This Week. All working links included in the image galleries.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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