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With Rowena Hart's site gone, most of the best stuff is now at Life and Travel Writing.

The Good Stuff

"A Gipsy Genius" (1897) by William Marion Reddy, a turn-of-the-century writer and publisher. Concentrates on his life with Isabel and the Kasidah. On-site..

The Sir Richard Burton Society. Smaller than Rowena Hart's site, the Society appears to be actually just a good site by one Ken Garson. The biographical sketch is particularly nice. Some good images.

Web Archive: First part of a short, highly-entertaining biography by Peter Haris.

Brief Biography. From "Mike and Clare's Place."

Web Archive: Rowena Hart's Richard Burton page. Among other things, the site includes short essays on the discovery of the Nile, Isabel's decision to burn her husband's papers after his death, Burton's tomb (with photographs) and a list of published biographies , ornamented with short reviews by herself and some longer reviews by others.

Short review of Burton' life and works by Adam Jones, who admires Burton for "his wanderlust, his obsessively observant eye, his grace and precision as a writer, and his astonishing fortitude." Includes a very large rendition of Leighton's portrait. Also here.

No Great Shakes

The Columbia Encyclopedia. Short.

Web Archive: Lilliputian.

Grolier. Short article. Contained in George Azar's wonderful Azar's Middle Eastern Journeys ("16 years of photojournalism from the Arab world"). Also touches on Twain's journeys.

Excerpt on Burton from The Cambridge History of English and American Literature (18 vols). Short and unenlightening.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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