Link Lists (I've tried to steal all the good stuff)

Ancient Astrology and Divination

Cielo e Terra links. Very comprehensive list, most in English [Altavista translate]

Google "Society > Paranormal > Divination" with subsections on Ouija, Astrology, etc. It's a jungle out there.

The Zodiac Master. Anthony Pena's popular, pro-astrology site. Entertaining and graphical. Of my site he writes "If you have a big left brain, then don't miss this."

General Clasical Links

The Ancient World Wide Web. My favorite. I like its style.

RomanSites. Bill Thayer's enormous (2,000+) annotated collection of sites about the Roman Empire. About me he says "I'm glad someone had the patience to do this, and that it wasn't me." His Astrology, Magic, Religion & Philosophy links include much dross on the Star of Bethlehem.

Diotima: Materials for the study of women and gender in the ancient world.

Argos. Limited Area Search of the Ancient and Medieval Internet.

Electronic Resources for Classicists (Maria C. Pantelia).

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

If you enjoy this site you may also like these other sites by me:

The Oracle of Delphi and Ancient Oracles. Covers physical oracles, including academic information and site photos.

Ancient Library. Exciting new project, putting dozens of classical dictionaries and other resources online. There is a category for Ancient Divination.

Angels on the Web. Angels in culture, theology and art. Includes over 550 categorized images.

Hieroglyphics! Comprehensive guide and web directory to Egytian hieroglyphics.