The War Pictorial



An International Magazine



Here is a collection of cover pages from the 'The War Pictorial', an internationally published British magazine. It was a war photo publication; only photographs with an occasional illustration were printed along with short captions. There were at least 4 different language versions : English, French/Spanish/Italian/Portugese, French and a Dutch/French edition. There was also a german language edition as well, probably intended for German prisoners-of-war in Allied hands. Even though the majority of covers reproduced in this section are from French versions, the contents of all the magazine versions were identical and emphasized the British war-effort and feats-of-arms.

In contrast to the overwhelming percentage of photographs printed on the inside pages, the covers were done with color drawings illustrating many varied aspects of the war. Much of the art-work was quite modern in style.


*see 'The War Pictorial'