Science-Fiction from the Great War

Gyro-Cruiser Battles a Circle-Cruiser

An illustration of a futuristic battle taken from the October 21st 1916 issue of the German news weekly, 'Die Wochenschau' (The Weekly Review).
Translation of the caption : 'Fighting machines of the future :battle between a gigantic trenchdestroyer and a powerful electrically driven 'circlecruiser''.


Even if the Great War exceeded all expectations of frightfulness and imaginations of scale, that did not mean that people stopped thinking over what the future would bring. During the war years, thoughts almost naturally gravitated towards imagining and perfecting the tools and machines of warfare. While at times things could be on the mark, in other instances ruminations about the future was simply little more than an intensification of scale and magnitude.

Needless to say, 80 years later, many of the prophecies and predictions appear to be quite silly, if not downright preposterous or comical. Here is an instance of the latter, taken from a 1916 issue of a German newsmagazine which re-printed the drawing from a British magazine, (presumably without respecting copyright). Apparently the appearance of tanks on the Western Front was an event that captured the imagination. And who was to say that tanks in the future would not grow to gigantic size, towering over the battlefield like a landed Dreadnaught ?


from a British magazine 'the War Budget' - a bit of the same



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