'the War Budget'


a Weekly Newspaper Supplement for the British Public

left : Belgian armored cars
right : Anglo-French friendship

covers from the early months of the war

left : Belgian soldiers defending the Nethe line during the siege of Antwerp
right : British nurse volunteers


a Collection of Texts from Issues of 'the War Budget'

Poison Gas
Alan Seeger - American Poet in the Foreign Legion
Garibaldi's Grandsons Fighting for France
Ivan Ivanovitch
Touring the Trenches - a Woman's View
The Cellar House at Pervijse
The Pluck of a Coward
German Prisoners in Britain
Soldier's Superstitions
French Colonials Take Douaumont


 *see also a collection of pages from 'The War Budget' on the Battle of Verdun / the Siege of Antwerp

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